Radical Aliveness Workshops

This dynamic and exhilarating group experience supports participants to trust their impulses, follow their bodies, open to the unknown, and surrender to the wisdom of the group. As conflict is honestly confronted, truth and authenticity deepen, connections are strengthened, and pleasure spontaneously comes alive. Workshops are facilitated, and we welcome and encourage leadership from within the group. 

Ongoing Process Groups

Different from a workshop experience, an ongoing therapeutic group supports participants to work over time with their present day issues, challenge behaviors and worn-out patterns of relating, and create and maintain honest relationships within the group. It's a chance to develop a more embodied sense of presence and grounding, authentic expression and connection, emotional responsibility, and healthy boundaries. 


I was impressed with Jo’s ability to hold space, be a compassionate witness, and exemplify the most gracious balance of kick-ass strength, and deep feminine empathy.

- MC, 2015

Jo’s style is roll-up-your-sleeves real!

- GP, 2016



I’m currently co-leading a 9-month intensive program for somatic practitioners called ThroughLine, and have taken a short break from leading Radical Aliveness workshops and groups.

Please check back for upcoming workshops starting in 2020!