My work is a unique blend of my training, life experience, and grounded in my diligent quest for embodiment — to connect my physicality with my inner emotional and spiritual life as a path to deeper truth, connection and vibrancy.

I hold a Masters in Somatic Psychology, and a certification in Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness.

Developed by Ann Bradney and based on Core Energetics, Radical Aliveness is an experiential, somatic, and therapeutic process that unifies movement with expression. Through the raw expression of our most honest selves we ground consciousness in the body, soften internal obstacles, and ultimately open to our full flow of vitality.  

This work will help you to:

  • Develop a fully embodied sense of presence and safety

  • Express a wide range feelings without the need to control or tame them

  • Connect with and integrate the parts of yourself that have been stuck or walled off, and understand how these old patterns have been holding you back

  • Take risks, participate in a raw and honest way, and explore conflict as an opportunity for growth

  • Accept full responsibility for your impact -- past and present

  • Work directly with negativity and resistance, and embrace vulnerability as a source of strength

  • Recognize our interconnectivity, both personal, cultural and systemic, and explore patterns of relating and disconnecting

  • Honor your gifts, connect to your longings, live into the unique expression of who you are

My path to Radical Aliveness informs my approach as a practitioner, which is deeply personal, holistic and integrative. Along with Core Energetics, we will work with the subtle body and integrate practices from somatic psychotherapy, attachment theory, trauma therapies, and building resilience.




Jo was compassionate and supportive, and during our sessions I playfully learned to trust, to explore, to set boundaries, to ground and to express my needs and feelings.

- MW, 2016