We all have capacity for more love, joy, compassion, vulnerability and radiant vitality. Together, we’ll discover what stands in the way of this aliveness by exploring survival patterns held in the body, creating more ground for expression, building resources and understanding, and working with the nervous system to facilitate integration and healing.

As your guide, I’ll offer creative ways for you to bring presence and energy to your history, and hold a spacious allowance for your deepest vulnerabilities. 

As your catalyst, I’ll support you to expand your scope of self-expression, and help you navigate the natural expansion and contraction that comes with growth. I'll stand for your aliveness and the emergence of your deepest truth. 


This somatic therapy with Jo is a truly effective and inspiring modality in a safe and healing environment that she creates and maintains. I would recommend Jo to anyone in need of profound recovery.

- TC, 2016


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Relationship to self
  • Relationship and intimacy
  • Codependency and boundaries
  • Sexuality and gender
  • Loss and grief
  • Transitions
  • Family conflict
  • Self-esteem and shame

Embodied Ways of Working

  • Movement and dance 
  • Energetic charging exercises: hitting, kicking, punching
  • Releasing pain and grief, and expressing deep feeling
  • Exploring sensation, and patterns of holding
  • Working with gesture, sequencing, expansion and contraction
  • Play
  • Exploring both physical and non-physical boundaries
  • Role-play, and constellation work
  • Touch, and hands-on techniques
  • Breathing techniques and exercises
  • Grounding and integrating experience through energetic discharge and mindfulness